The new technologies
make possible an effective access control and a better security for residential compounds, attacking
the vulnerabilities of the communities by covering the three pillars in security.
And all this based on your daily use of mobile phones and the Internet
Security, Comfort, and Control for your home and family
A unique system, the product of the development and the integration of
electronics, telecommunication, and Internet technologies specially designed for todays security needs.
Access control Attention Security Guards Record Participation
Only the member of the
community can open
the doors
The entire community is
involved in the security and
is more careful
Optimize the use of security
guards, so they don't fall
asleep and do their job
Each gate or door
opening will be
recorded, indicating
who did it.
The community
communicates and participates
using easy
Digital interconnected protection
The evolution of your security!
The Solution
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